Value Added Agent Services

Technology companies wishing to penetrate the EMEA market face multiple challenges including: time to market, costs, different cultures, different languages, and security issues in some countries.

BBRS Consulting enables theses companies to enter the market more quickly , more cost-effectively and with minimum risk.

Our value proposition is an outsourced sales model, acting as a representative for new technology companies that wish to start their operations in EMEA and a full range of services for established companies to strengthen their existing operations.
Our services include manufacturer's representation, sales, pre-sales, post-sales and channel management

VAA is an outsourced market entry product for the new technology companies. “ We offer a full range of services, from strategic support, to tactical, where we can provide any type of backup, including acting as the manufacturer’s representative, in those cases where we have sufficient confidence in the product being offered. In every case, our customers benefit from our low overheads, high skill levels and wide reach. This means that we can offer the fastest time to market, at the lowest cost. The core proposition is an "off the shelf" sales organization, with all the key skills and infrastructure already in place. New technology companies are typically startup companies but could also be a division of an established vendor trying to take a new and revolutionary technology to market and requiring a dynamic, technology oriented sales team to spearhead the sales activities.

The Value-Added Agent was born from discussions with a variety of technology companies in various stages of development. All of them were seeking a way to:

  • preserve cash whilst targeting the largest possible prospect base to improve their time to positive cash flow.

The product is based upon an innovative model in which BBRS Consulting will act as that company’s exclusive agent for all activities in the region and in return would be paid a typical startup cost of sale based on a production run rate.

This cost of sale is a cost only once revenue is achieved and thereby shifts the risk of market entry by eliminating most of the expense associated with that market entry for the start-up. In exchange for the elimination of that risk, the start-up provides BBRS Consulting with a small amount of equity, commensurate with the dilution it would face hiring its own staff in market.

In addition to the reduction in capital required, the technology company realizes the benefits of established relationships with end-customers, VARs and OEMs. It is through these established relationships and the critical mass already in place, that BBRS Consulting can radically improve the start-up company’s time to revenue…so much so that that we only ask for payment when results are achieved.

The Value-Added Agent product encompasses the following elements:

  • Direct and high touch sales;
  • Sales engineering;
  • Channel development;
  • Channel management;
  • Culturally linked level 1 and level 2 technical support

Key to the concept is that we are acting as the start-up company in region, however, all transactions are between the customer or VAR and the start-up company itself, providing them with complete visibility to the market and the business and enabling them to retain control.
The Benefits

The benefit of such a plan is that you eliminate fixed costs from your P&L. You no longer need to dedicate significant capital to develop a sales organization that will achieve “spotty” results in the early adopter phase of your product introduction. Instead, you can offer your investors a clean income statement that is consistent quarter after quarter, despite seasonal and market fluctuations.
In either case, you will gain access to our market expertise to help you define how to address the EMEA market; what approaches have been successful; and what will be the appropriate channel strategy to implement.

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