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Today’s data traffic is growing at a much greater rate than voice traffic — and that trend is expected to continue. This anticipated growth in data represents a huge opportunity for new revenues.

The winning carriers in today’s telecommunications market will be those that are first to offer services over a public switched, fibre optic, high-speed, broadband infrastructure that meets their customers’ complete, end-to-end communication needs for voice, data, video, and Internet services.
However, prior to selling services and generating revenue, you need a technical network architecture based on the types of network services you plan to offer to your customers.

Going to market with a faulty network design puts you at risk for congestion, service degradation, poor customer service, and — ultimately — network failure and service outages. To maintain a competitive advantage, you must have a robust technical architecture that can scale as your customers’ needs grow.

Key benefits

Expert design – BBRS Consulting expertise ensures your network is designed properly for maximum robustness, flexibility, stability, and security.

Faster time to market for new services – You gain a competitive advantage with a cost-effective network designed specifically for your business requirements.

Network strategy

We have designed all types of networks, from simple to extremely complex, from Asynchronous Transfer Mode (ATM) to Internet
Protocol (IP), from optical to wireless. We will develop a flexible, stable, and secure network architecture for your needs, using a methodology that begins with clearly defined technical requirements.

Requirements analysis

The technical architecture of your network must be based on your business strategy — goals, service requirements, growth projections, competitive landscape, and available budget. We meet with your strategic planning, management, and operations staff to discuss your current networking issues and how they affect your business objectives before we begin planning which technologies and equipment will be used.

Technology audit

Concurrent with the requirements analysis, we conduct a technology audit. Working with you, we review the existing network and services offered, reviewing and documenting plans for the future expansion of the network.
This comprehensive inspection checks network components, power supplies, alarm facilities, and the loading of the network. Live equipment responses and failures are also examined, as are switching and transmission systems. In addition, network planning, provisioning, operations, and maintenance are investigated, along with performance statistics and management

When the technology audit is complete, we will have a full understanding of your existing network’s capacity, capabilities, and interfaces, and we’ll be armed with insight into your future requirements for control, capability, and overall operation. A fully documented record of the analysis is provided and used in the network planning stage.

Network planning

Using the information gathered in the strategy phase, your requirements for resiliency, redundancy, quality of service (QoS), scalability, and expected future growth are cross-referenced with our expert knowledge of available technologies. We determine the best options for you regarding access, transport, switching, and power in order to develop and execute an optimal plan.

Traffic engineering and capacity planning

A significant part of developing a technical architecture is determining the bandwidth required for current voice, video, and data needs. This, coupled with forecasted bandwidth growth, establishes the initial network configuration.

We work with your organization to plan the network, determining the appropriate size (E1, E3, STM-1, etc.) and quantity of connections between the central office switch and remote locations. Based on demand forecasts, planned growth of the transport trunks is projected and factored into the design. The rate of overbooking and the specific links to overbook are identified.

Creating the network design

A BBRS Consulting sales engineer typically provides a basic design, only to the level necessary to determine an initial equipment list. The assigned BBRS Consulting network engineer is engaged in the first phase of the design and adds to it should there be a need for further details.

Migration planning

We provide detailed migration plans that demonstrate how the network can evolve from the existing environment to the proposed one — all while protecting your initial investment. The migration plan identifies timelines, technical results, and necessary effort.

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