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Course Overview

The lab-intensive Implementing Aruba WLANs course is designed to provide students the knowledge, skills and practical experience required to set up and configure a basic Aruba WLAN.

Using lecture and labs, the class provides the technical understanding and hands-on experience of configuring a single-controller, single AP Aruba WLAN with emphasis on 802.11n technology. Students will practice using Aruba hardware and ArubaOS to install and build a complete, secure single-controller network with multiple SSIDs. At the end of the class, students will be able to deploy a single controller environment with 802.1X authentication, and secure guest networks.

Successful conclusion of the course and in-class exam earns the participant the Aruba Certified Mobility Associate (ACMA) status.

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Who should attend?

Network engineers responsible for activities including implementing and/or supporting an Aruba unified mobility solution.


Students are expected to come to the class with knowledge of Aruba's products. A conceptual knowledge of VLANs and network data flow & control helps frame the specifics of Aruba's network architecture. Students taking this class must complete the following self-paced online courses available to view at no charge on the Aruba Web Site:

  • Networking Fundamentals (Recommended)
  • Introduction to Aruba Technology (Required)
  • Experience designing networks is strongly recommended.

Course Contents

This course covers the following topics:

  • Overview of Aruba OS GUI and CLI commands
  • Mobility Controller initial setup and licensing using ArubaOS wizards
  • Aruba Wireless LAN Configuration
  • Use Visual RF Plan to determine your pre-deployment placement of APs
  • Import Visual RF Plan to AirWave
  • Overview of Aruba’s “ARM”, Adaptive Radio Management feature.
  • Use the integrated Spectrum Analyzer to monitor RF environment and device classification
  • Provisioning Aruba thin APs using wizards and the GUI
  • Implementing network firewalls through Aruba roles and policies
  • Implementing various WLAN authentication policies including most secure 802.1x, and Enterprise WPA and WPA2 methods.
  • Using WLAN policies to create a Secure Guest access with Aruba’s Captive Portal features
  • Remote Access Point (RAP)
  • Overview of Aruba Controller Operations and Maintenance procedures and commands
  • ACMA in-class exam