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Course Overview

This class combines the IAW and SWDI classes into a single 5-day class. Students registering for this class should be prepared for an accelerated format of the IAW and SWDI classes. A prerequisite understanding of wireless fundamentals is mandatory, as well as VLAN fundamentals, data flow and control in a network, and basic routing principles.

The lab-intensive course is designed to provide students the knowledge, skills and practical experience required to set up and configure the Aruba WLAN in a variety of network scenarios. Successful conclusion of the course and in-class exam earns the participant the Aruba Certified Mobility Associate (ACMA) status and prepares students for Aruba Certified Mobility Professional Exam (ACMP).

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Who should attend?

Network engineers with more than a single controller in the network.


Students are expected to come to the class with knowledge of Aruba's products. A conceptual knowledge of VLANs and network data flow & control helps frame the specifics of Aruba's network architecture. Students taking this class must complete the following self-paced online courses available to view at no charge on the Aruba Web Site.

  • Networking Fundamentals (Required for non CCNA capable students)
  • Introduction to Aruba Technology (Required)

Course Contents

Aruba Architecture

  • Aruba Product Review
  • Aruba Network Architecture Components
  • Software Architecture Components
  • Aruba Solution – How it works
  • Campus and Remote Network Design
  • Aruba Scalable Design
  • Controller Roles
  • Theory of Operation
  • LAB

Initial Setup

  • Web UI: Guided Tour
  • Initial Setup Wizards
  • AP Wizard
  • Controller Wizard
  • Campus WLAN Wizard
  • Remote AP Wizard
  • WIP Wizard
  • AirWave Wizard
  • What these Wizards do
  • A look at where the wizards place information
  • Licenses
  • Monitoring Dashboard
  • LAB

WLAN Configuration

  • WLAN setup Wizard
  • Creating a secure Employee WLAN
  • AP Groups
  • LAB

AP Provisioning

  • AP Booting Procedures
  • AP Provisioning Overview
  • AP and controller communication
  • Troubleshooting AP boot and controller communication
  • AP provisioning
  • Provision via the AP Wizard
  • Provisioning Manually
  • Basic troubleshooting
  • AP Profiles
  • AP LEDs
  • LAB


  • Security Overview
  • Encryption Suites and their configuration
  • Authentication Methods
  • SSID
  • MAC authentication and configuration
  • Captive Portal
  • 802.1X
  • 802.1X Configuration
  • Server Groups
  • LAB

Advanced Authentication

  • Authentication Server Advanced Configuration
  • 802.1X Configuration Options
  • AAA Fast Connect
  • Machine Authentication
  • LAB

Firewall Policies

  • Firewall overview
  • Features
  • Stateful inspection vs. ACLs
  • Policies and rules Components
  • Aliases
  • Destinations
  • Application Services
  • Policy Construction and Configuration
  • Counter Measures: Blacklisting Clients
  • Global firewall settings
  • Valid user acl
  • OS Fingerprinting
  • Troubleshooting
  • Viewing firewall traffic in the dashboard
  • LAB


  • Explanation of roles
  • Creating and applying roles
  • Applying and restricting policies to Groups
  • Role derivation processes
  • User derived rules
  • Server derived rules
  • Default roles
  • Statefull Firewall setting
  • Bandwidth Contracts
  • Global and Role ACLs
  • Dashboard
  • Best Practices
  • Troubleshooting roles and policies
  • LAB


  • ARM Functional Description
  • Scanning
  • Client match
  • Spectrum Analysis
  • LAB

Captive Portal

  • Aruba’s Guest Access solution
  • Captive Portal Process
  • Captive Portal configuration steps
  • Customizing Captive Portal
  • Using WLAN Wizard
  • Troubleshooting Captive Portal
  • Guest Provisioning Account
  • Guest Provisioning Customization
  • LAB

Remote AP

  • Remote AP Overview
  • Aruba’s Remote AP solution
  • Remote AP architectures
  • RAP Forwarding Modes
  • RAP Operations mode
  • RAP Whitelist
  • Remote AP configuration steps
  • Remote AP provisioning
  • Troubleshooting

Wired Access

  • Secure Jack
  • Wired Multiplexers
  • Configuring Secure Jack operation
  • Lab

Master/local operation

  • Master/local benefits
  • Inter-controller IPSec
  • Controller specific AP Groups
  • Multi Controller AP Configuration
  • VLAN Pooling
  • Named Vlans
  • AP Termination
  • Remote Node operations
  • Lab


  • 802.11 mobility review
  • Single Controller vs Multi Controller
  • L2 vs. L3 mobility
  • Understanding mobility domains
  • Configuring mobility domains
  • Lab

Master redundancy

  • Understanding master redundancy
  • Master Redundancy DB Synchronization
  • Configuring master redundancy and VRRP
  • Lab

Local redundancy

  • Types of AP redundancy
  • Understanding N+1 redundancy
  • Understanding active-active redundancy using VRRP
  • Lab


  • RFProtect features
  • Access Points and Air Monitors
  • Creating Air Monitors
  • Rogue AP detection, location, and containment
  • Rogue Classification
  • Configuring rule based classification
  • L3 Rogue Classification
  • Configuring containment
  • Wired Containment
  • Threats and countermeasures
  • Configuring IDS using wizard
  • WebUI Monitoring
  • IDS events logging
  • Lab


  • Mesh Operations
  • Mesh Solutions
  • Mesh Clusters
  • Configuration of Mesh Portals Mesh Points
  • Remote Mesh Portal
  • Mesh Troubleshooting
  • Lab