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Course Overview

This hands-on course provides the knowledge and experience required to install and use the AirWave Wireless Management Suite (AWMS): AirWave Management Platform (AMP), RAPIDS, and Visual RF. Structured labs provide students individual time with the AMP server and a series of exercises that progress from monitoring single-vendor networks to the configuration and reporting of complex, multi-vendor networks. Students also learn how to integrate AirWave products into an existing network. The course is WLAN vendor neutral and assumes a heterogeneous network. AWMS Installation, Configuration and Use is appropriate for those new to the AirWave platform and provides an opportunity for the student to become familiar with the functions and capability of the product in a controlled lab environment.

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Who should attend?

  • Network Administrators who monitor and troubleshoot wireless networks
  • Network and System Administrators responsible for installing and configuring network monitoring systems


  • Basic WLAN terminology and concepts
  • Knowledge of wired and wireless networking design and operations
  • Experience installing network monitoring software

Course Contents

Course content includes:

  • Module 1: Introduction to AWMS
  • Module 2: Installing AWMS
  • Module 3: Adding Device to AWMS
  • Module 4: Using Visual RF and Visual RF Plan
  • Module 5: Network Health
  • Module 6: Troubleshooting Clients and Wireless Networks
  • Module 7: Rogue Detection and Using RAPIDS
  • Module 8: Managing Administrative Access, Alerts, Triggers and Reporting
  • Module 9: Scalability and Redundancy
  • Module 10: System Administration
  • Module 11: Wired Device Managemen
  • Module 12 Airwave Aruba Groups
  • Module 13: Configuring Aruba Devices
  • Module 14: IAP Organization and Groups
  • Module 15: IAP Template Configuration
  • Module 16: IAP Gui Configuration
  • Module 17: Cisco Groups and firmware updates
  • Module 18: Configuring Cisco Devices with IOS Templates
  • Module 19: Cisco WLC Configuration