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The AeroScout System Administration Training Level 1 course is intended for customer and partner system administrators and super users who perform AeroScout system setup, Tag activation and support tasks.
This course is a required element of the partner certification process.
This course is conducted in a classroom environment with a variety of AeroScout hardware, software, and Tags available to provide a complete hands-on experience. Participants will receive course materials and associated documentation. A certificate of completion is awarded at the end of the week to those who finish the course.
Duration: 4 days

Application Administrators, IT Staff, System Administrators

Recommended Experience

Participants need a solid background in general Information Technology, Windows OS, and experience with wired and Wi-Fi networks. Some knowledge of RTLS/RFID principles is beneficial.


Familiarization with the basic AeroScout Visibility Solution is recommended. Background information is available at

Course Objectives

Upon completion of the course, participants will have gained familiarity with:

  • Active RFID
  • Wi-Fi
  • AeroScout technology and solutions
  • AeroScout products
  • Upon completion of the course, participants will be able to:
  • Use AeroScout Tag Manager
  • Use AeroScout Location Engine
  • Use and administer MobileView
  • Configure Location Receivers
  • Configure Exciters EX2000 and EX3200
  • Configure T2/T3 Tags

Course Agenda

DAY 1- Morning


  • Objectives
  • Logistics
  • Introduction to AeroScout Solutions
  • Introduction to AeroScout Engineer Certification
  • Case Studies, Solution Overview
  • Case Studies in Healthcare, Manufacturing and Logistics
  • Hardware Products Overview
  • Software Products Overview
  • Active RFID/RTLS Market Overview

DAY 1 – Afternoon


  • Tag Family
  • Tag Manager
  • Hands-on Tags Lab


DAY 2 – Morning

AeroScout Location Engine

  • Overview and Concepts
  • Site Definitions and Requirements
  • Access Point Configuration
  • System Configuration for RSSI
  • Hands-on RSSI Lab

DAY 2 – Afternoon

Location Accuracy Best Practices

  • Recording and Analyzer Tools
  • Mesh File Creation
  • Installation Case Study
  • Hands-on RSSI Case Study Lab
  • Hands-on RSSI Advanced Lab

o Recordings

o Mesh Creation

Ultrasound Technology

DAY 3 – Morning


  • Exciter Technology
  • Use Cases
  • Models and Specifications
  • Configuration
  • Hands-on Exciter Lab
  • MobileView
  • Overview
  • Use Cases
  • Assets
  • Categories

DAY 3 – Afternoon

MobileView – continued

  • Maps and Zones
  • Monitors and Events
  • Asset Locator
  • Reports
  • User Administration
  • Hands-on MobileView Lab

DAY 4 – Morning

Review and Exam

  • Review
  • Written Test
  • Hands-on Test
  • Written Test Review/Discussion

DAY 4 – Afternoon

AeroScout with Wi-Fi Vendors
Summary & Certificate Distribution