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The AeroScout System Administration Training Level 2 course is intended for partner’s field, support and sales engineers, partner project managers, and customer system engineers.
This course is a required element for partner trainer certification.
This course is conducted in a classroom environment with a variety of AeroScout hardware, software, and tags available to provide a complete hands-on experience. Participants will receive course materials and associated documentation.

Duration: 4 days


  • Support and Sales Engineers
  • Systems Engineers


Successful completion of AeroScout System Adminstration Level 1 within 12 months of attending this course is mandatory.

Course Objectives

Upon completion of the course, participants will have gained familiarity with:

  • TDOA mid-size site deployment
  • Vendor-specific Access Point configuration
  • Site survey methodologies

Upon completion of the course, participants will be able to:

  • Install and configure AeroScout software
  • Configure Cisco appliances with AeroScout devices
  • Run diagnostics with the Analyzer tool

Course Agenda


DAY 1 – Morning

AeroScout Software Installation

  • AeroScout Tag Manager
  • AeroScout Engine
  • AeroScout Analyzer
  • AeroScout MobileView

o Oracle 10g
o Microsoft SQL

DAY 1 – Afternoon

Alignment Review

  • Unified Asset Visibility Architecture
  • Positioning Engine configuration
  • RSSI: Fixed, Mesh
  • TDOA
  • MobileView
  • Hands-on: RSSI System set-up

Access Point Vendors

  • Supported vendors
  • Configuration
  • Limitations and work-arounds


DAY 2 – Morning


  • TDOA environment, use cases
  • Location Points
  • Sync Source, Sync Group
  • Sync Troubleshooting
  • Online Correction
  • Antennas
  • Location Points
  • Wireless Location Receiver
  • Root/non-root bridge configuration
  • TDOA hands-on


DAY 2 – Afternoon


  • Advanced Analyzer features
  • Playback parser
  • Diagnostics
  • Sync Analysis
  • Analyzer hands-on

API Introduction

DAY 3 – Morning

Advanced Features

  • Tags

o Condition Monitoring Tags
o GPS Tag
o Battery preservation

  • Tag Controller

o T4b Tag
o Replenishment Tag

  • Exciters

o Chaining Technology
o Bay separation
o Exciter synchronization
o Exciter detector
o Ultrasound
AeroScout Cisco MSE Appliance

  • System topology
  • Chokepoints
  • WCS GUI Basics
  • CLE Management: start, stop, upgrade


DAY 3 – Afternoon

Site Deployment Methodology

  • Site Survey
  • Project Solution Design
  • Site Readiness tool
  • Configuration Summary


DAY 4 – Morning

Completion Test

  • Hands-on project
  • Written test