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Duration: 4 day(s)


Upon completion of this course, students should be able to:

  • Discuss ATM as a network technology.
  • Install and configure all members of the Marconi ATM switch product family, including the ASX-200BX, TNX-210, ASX-1000/1200, TNX-1100 and ASX-4000 Series.
  • Backup and restore configuration databases.
  • Perform ATM switch software upgrades.
  • Perform ATM switch hardware maintenance.
  • Create policeable network connections (PVC and SPVC-based).
  • Configure network timing.
  • Configure Circuit Emulation Services (CES).
  • Configure Inverse Multiplexing over ATM (IMA).
  • Configure Ethernet interfaces.
  • Perform basic network troubleshooting.

Entry Requirements

The Public ATM Switch course was designed for systems engineers and technical operations/support personnel in a public environment who require a thorough understanding of Marconi ATM products. Students must possess knowledge and familiarity with basic networking terminology, Wide Area Network (WAN) concepts and IP protocol.

Course Content

  • ATM Cell Format
  • Virtual connections
  • NSAP addressing
  • ATM Basic Concepts
  • ATM service categories and traffic types
  • Connectionless vs connection-oriented
  • ATM adaptation layers
  • Marconi ATM Switch Product Overviews
  • Product specifications
  • Hardware installation and configuration
  • Port layout
  • ATM Switch AMI Navigation
  • Management configuration
  • Login from the serial port
  • AMI line editing
  • Navigation in AMI
  • AMI connection commands
  • Initial IP Configuration
  • ATM switch "IP" interfaces
  • IP address configuration
  • Initial Switch Configuration
  • Setting system date, time and name
  • Switch security (UserIDs, passwords and Access Control Lists)
  • Starting a Telnet session
  • ATM Switch Maintenance
  • Configuration database (CDB) operations
  • Flash file system management
  • Switch control software upgrades
  • Bootp operations
  • Switch environmentals
  • Web based management (Element Manager)
  • PVC and SPVC Connections
  • Virtual circuit review
  • VPT, VCC and VPC connections
  • Policing overview
  • UPC contract configuration
  • SPVCC/SPVPC overview
  • SVC Network Connections
  • Configure signalling parameters
  • LEC only configuration
  • Classical IP (CLIP) over ATM configuration
  • ARP server configuration
  • Client configuration
  • NSAP addressing
  • Network Timing
  • Timing and framing
  • Timing distribution throughout the fabric
  • Circuit Emulation Service (CES)
  • Circuit emulation hardware
  • Structured and unstructured CES
  • CAS and CCS signalling
  • Channelization
  • Unstructured and structured CES configuration
  • Inverse Multiplexing over ATM (IMA)
  • IMA operation
  • Role of IMA hardware
  • Channelization
  • IMA group configuration
  • Ethernet Interfaces
  • 10/100 netmod hardware overview
  • 1 GB netmod hardware overview
  • Common netmod features
  • PVC configuration
  • SPVC configuration
  • LEC configuration
  • CoS to QoS mapping
  • Advanced traffic management configuration
  • Network Troubleshooting
  • Redundancy (Appendix)
  • Functionality of redundant SCPs, TCMs, power supplies and fan trays within the ASX-4000 Series switches
  • APS redundancy and dual SCP configuration
  • Frame Relay Interfaces (Appendix)
  • Frame Relay and ATM interworking
  • Network and service interworking
  • Multi-Link Frame Relay (MLFR)
  • FramePlus & Ch DS3 FR netmod characteristics and configuration

Practical Content

At least 40% hands-on.