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Duration: 3 day(s)


The goal of the ServiceOn Data course is to provide students with a complete overview of the features associated with the ServiceOn Data 3.0 software. Upon completion of this course, students should be able to perform the following ServiceOn Data network management functions:

  • Client installation for Windows
  • Network discovery
  • Customer network management
  • System level administration
  • Node, link, interface, connection and profile management
  • Topology map administration and configuration
  • CDB backups and ForeThought software upgrades
  • Fault management diagnostics and basic troubleshooting
  • VLAN and LANE management
  • File management
  • MIB browser and performance management

Entry Requirements

The ServiceOn Data course was designed for systems engineers, technical operations and support personnel in a Public environment who require a thorough understanding of Marconi's ServiceOn Data network management product. Knowledge and familiarity of basic networking terminology, ATM and network management concepts is essential.

Course Content

  • ServiceOn Data Overview
  • ServiceOn Data Overview
  • Management Roles
  • Supported Functions
  • Types of Management (Discovery/Monitoring, Fault, Connection, VLAN/ELAN, Inventory, Customer and Performance)
  • Graphical User Interface (GUI)
  • Client Installation for Windows
  • Access & Login to the ServiceOn Data Server
  • Launching ServiceOn Data 3.0
  • Download, Installation and Loading of the ServiceOn Data Client File(s)
  • Java2 Runtime Installation & Environment
  • Security Warnings
  • Desktop Integration, Welcome & Initial ServiceOn Data Screens
  • Managing Network Discovery
  • Managing Seed Switches and Discovery
  • Creating Filter and Seed Addresses
  • Customer Network Management (CNM)
  • Customer Network Management Overview
  • Administrator Configuration Tasks
  • Viewing Customers and Object Associations
  • Customer User Login
  • Customer VPNs
  • Viewing CNM Configurations
  • Modifying CNM Options
  • Performing Administration
  • Viewing the Network Summary
  • Viewing and Modifying System Configuration Options
  • User Definitions and Roles
  • Alarm Configuration
  • SNMP Configuration
  • Register SOn-D with the Managed Switch
  • Process Manager Administration
  • Configuring the Services
  • Viewing All Actions Results
  • Saving Filters
  • CNM Configuration
  • License Details
  • Backing up the Database (UNIX platforms only)
  • Overview of the Maps Viewer
  • Maps Viewer
  • Navigator Window
  • Creating, Assigning and Viewing a Site (Site Map)
  • Off Site Links
  • Topology Legend
  • Metal Look and Feel
  • Topology Management
  • Creating, Deleting and Viewing Nodes
  • Filtering Node Information
  • Creating, Deleting and Viewing Links
  • Finding Managed Devices & Learned MAC Addresses
  • Searching the Inventory
  • Viewing (H)PNNI Nodes
  • Viewing Frame Relay Interfaces
  • Viewing Action Results
  • Profiles
  • Managing Nodes
  • Viewing, Deleting, Rediscovering & Removing Nodes
  • Register/Unregister for Alarms
  • Launching EMS & CLI
  • Software Download
  • Configuration File Management
  • Node Inventory
  • MIB Browser
  • Adding and Viewing Links
  • Viewing Node Diagnostics and Interface Information
  • Creating, Rediscovering and Viewing Connections
  • SPVX Resiliency
  • Creating Signalling & Route Groups
  • Viewing (H)PNNI
  • Viewing VLANs
  • Viewing Node Properties
  • Interfaces
  • Viewing Interfaces
  • Adding and Viewing Interface Links & Diagnostics
  • Viewing and Creating Paths and Channels on an Interface
  • Managing IMA Interfaces
  • Viewing and Managing Connections
  • Creating and Viewing Schedules
  • Creating and Viewing VPNs
  • Creation Wizard
  • Creating, Tracing, Deleting, Viewing and Moving ATM Connections
  • Route Groups
  • Calculation Equivalent Capacity
  • File Management
  • Software Download Overview
  • Smart Netmod Firmware Download
  • CDB Backup
  • Synchronizing Dual SCPs and Scheduling Synchronization
  • Viewing Software Download Actions and Histories
  • Internal Alarms
  • Creating and Managing Profiles
  • Viewing and Creating CDR/PDR Profiles
  • Viewing and Creating Frame Relay Interface Profiles
  • Viewing and Creating Circuit Emulation Profiles
  • Viewing and Creating Connection Profiles
  • VLAN & LANE Management
  • Overview of VLAN/ELAN Management
  • Creating and Viewing VLANs
  • Creating and Viewing ELANs
  • Creating, Viewing, Transferring and Deleting LECSs
  • Using the MIB Browser
  • Overview of Management Information Base
  • Launching & Using the MIB Browser
  • Performance Management
  • Performance Management Prerequisites
  • Displaying Performance Data
  • Selecting a Profile & Variables
  • Elements of the Graphing Window & Statistics Table
  • Graph Menu & Logging Options
  • Configuring & Applying Threshold Crossing Alerts
  • Saving and Viewing the Workspace
  • Bandwidth Utilization
  • Fault Management
  • Alarm Registration
  • Launching the Alarm Management Feature
  • Filtering and Viewing Alarms
  • Alarm Window & Options
  • Viewing Trap Types
  • Viewing and Editing Probable Causes
  • Fault Archiving

Practical Content

At least 90% hands on.