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Duration: 5 day(s)


On completion of this course, the student should be able to:
  • Describe the operation of UNI signalling, traffic management processes and PNNI nodes.
  • Configure policing and shaping contracts.
  • Configure flat and hierarchical PNNI networks using the Logical Group Node (LGN) hierarchy.
  • Perform UNI and PNNI signalling debug with WinTrace tool.
  • Describe the general Marconi switch hardware architecture.
  • Verify proper function of major hardware components.
  • Log Simple Network Management Protocol (SNMP) traps and syslog messages to a network-attached host.
  • Describe traffic management functions.
  • Capture and analyze ATM protocol traces using the WinTrace tool.
  • Describe and analyze proper function of Private Network-to-Network Interface (PNNI) protocols in flat and hierarchical configurations.

Entry Requirements

The ATM Signalling, Traffic Management and Diagnostics course was designed for systems engineers, technical operations and Network Operations Center (NOC) to provide advanced technical awareness of the theory of operating ATM networks, focusing on signalling, traffic management and PNNI concepts and configuration. Familiarity with basic Marconi ATM switch operation (no ATM introductory theory is included) is required. The theory portions of the course are based on ATM Forum standards; therefore, familiarity with the following specifications would be helpful: UNI Signalling 3.1, UNI Signalling 4.0, Traffic Management 4.0, Traffic Management 4.1 and PNNI 1.0. All configuration will be done on Marconi ASX/TNX switches. Students must have an awareness of internetworking concepts, especially the IP protocol. Strong understanding of ATM is needed, as well as related experience in managing or configuring Marconi ATM switch equipment.

Course Content

  • ATM UNI Signalling Concepts
  • ATM UNI Signalling Configuration
  • ATM Service Categories (UBR, CBR, ABR, VBR)
  • ATM Traffic Management Concepts
  • Policing and Shaping Configuration
  • PNNI Concepts
  • PNNI LGN Hierarchy Configuration
  • Introduction to Diagnostics
  • Event Notification and Diagnostic Output
  • Hardware Diagnostics
  • Timing Operations

Practical Content

At least 25% hands-on