Aerohive Approach

Controller-based WLANs were designed for an era when there was insufficient processing power in APs to distribute the intelligence as happens in other networking infrastructure. Aerohive’s controller-less approach distributes all control functions and data forwarding to smart APs while maintaining a centralized management system for monitoring and configuration—similar to how routers function.

BBRS Consulting, an Aerohive Authorized Training Center , offers the same courses as Aerohive instructors with certified consultants/instructors who are held to the same high standards.
BBRS Consulting & Aerohive have created a curriculum to enable customers to achieve the desired level of expertise needed to design, install, configure, operate and maintain Aerohive products.
BBRS Consulting Instructor-led courses combine instruction with a large amount of lab time that simulates actual operations in a production environment.
This curriculum also helps prepare you to achieve certification within the Aerohive Technical Certification Program.

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