Training Services
Get you training Wi-Fi on with training from Wirless experts
Design Services
BBRS Consulting can help you build state-of-the art Wiless Networks
Site Survey Services
Site survey is crucial of the success of WLAN project get it done of wirless experts
Consulting on Mobility Services
Industry-leading skills and methodologies in wirless and our capabilities are unrivalled
Support Services
Your Networks in good hands

BBRS offers three types of support :

  • Pro-Active Support
  • Reactive Support
  • Operation Services

Technology companies wishing to penetrate the EMEA market face multiple challenges including: time to market, costs, different cultures, different languages, and security issues in some countries.

Today’s data traffic is growing at a much greater rate than voice traffic — and that trend is expected to continue. This anticipated growth in data represents a huge opportunity for new revenues.

A site survey is a set of procedures that allows the surveyor to understand the physical environment from an RF perspective and the business

We have developed industry-leading skills and methodologies in wireless and our capabilities are unrivalled. BBRS consultants are 802.11 wireless experts.

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